I have a clear inclination for the auditory feeling of the place in which I find myself. Usually it is not probable that there is a clamorous contradiction between the visual appearance, acoustics and essential nature of the place which I got exposed. But not only in a concert hall, in a theatre, but in a normal briefing room, in an office, a restaurant, the acoustic dimension determines in relevant part my disposition to attention, to care, the possibility of a serene presence.

Much part of my energy, sometimes, serves only to compensate the defect of the place, to overwhelm the emptiness of magnetic charge or to contain its overflowing agitation. I do not think it only happens to me.The sonorous contexts, once assumed a certain knowledge, may be observed from different points of view, to second our role of the moment, our competences, our inclinations.

If acoustics is a physical science that takes care to clear what the sounds are, is instead psycoacustics that investigates in which way sound comes to be perceived, enjoyed, suffered. If the first is matter for physicists and engineers, the second one is the object of which psychologists must devote themselves but also and above all the fisiologists.

The meaning of sounds, the matter of main study for linguists and experts of communication regards semantics, by definition the most discussed and controversial of disciplines. Finally aesthetics is the field of philosophers and poets, other than that of the musical composers.

To comprehend why one likes the sounds is not the point, Much more why they have a strong and continuous impact on our feeling of the world and the existence. We all know that these distinctions are insufficient and obsolete. In the interstices round the borders of these disciplines there is much to discover and to comprise.We are all dipping in a sonorous universe, every smallest movement produces a sound of which we are, more, or less, aware.

The technical and sentimentale knowledge is that which transforms us from audiences to listeners, and for this we are in need of some slightly technical knowledge, of a correct dictionary, cleanliness and order. I think there is not any ideological issue in front of the opportunity of a way to live more completely our human experience, that it is made of coincidences and accidents, but also and above all of the ability to distinguish.